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posted by [personal profile] csmcdonald at 10:44pm on 12/11/2010
Thursday was Veteran's Day - I observed it by getting up early and riding across to Commerce to meet up with the Patriot Guard Riders to honor the veterans of Banks County at the ceremony at the middle school there. One of my friends is a PGR rider and a teacher at the school.

I was very impressed by the sincere admiration the kids at Banks County Middle School showed the veterans who had come to speak to the students, it was very touching.

It was a good day for a ride, a bit chilly on the way over (mid 40s) but it warmed up quickly into a gorgeous ride home, even managed to take a road I hadn't been on before which is always a bonus.

This weekend I may get across to Dalton to visit a historic cemetery there, havent fully decided yet.
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posted by [personal profile] csmcdonald at 09:51pm on 06/03/2010
Weather has started to seem spring like here in north Georgia - mid 50s again today and bright and sunny.   I decided to take a ride over to Euharlee to get a picture of the old covered bridge there to add to my collection - I've visited most of the historic covered bridges in Georgia now, mostly in the car (a couple of bridges are in seriously motorcycle unfriendly areas, the mud is still caked on my car from one).

Anyways, I started off about 11am and headed across GA 20 through Canton and over to Cartersville, past a very large Georgia Power plant and got to Euharlee, got some photos of the bridge then headed back towards home, stopping at the local pub and had a pint of Guinness and some food and warmed up a bit before heading back home.

Total ride was about 140 miles,  it was a bit chillier than the thermometer indicated but still a great ride.

Google Maps of my route

Hope y'all had a good Saturday.

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posted by [personal profile] csmcdonald at 12:02am on 16/02/2010
Drove across to get pics of two more covered bridges here in NE Georgia today. Both were on slightly scary dirt/gravel side roads, one is on private land that I had to bypass a no trespassing sign for, not great photos, but 2 more green dots on the map.

Google Maps of all the bridges the GA DOT lists as well as one that they don't

Nearly got stuck in a seriously muddy road driving away from this one:

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posted by [personal profile] csmcdonald at 02:07am on 17/01/2010
Went for a drive up to NC/TN to see how the Great Smoky Mountains National Park looked in the winter. Drove up 441, got there around noon, here are some shots.

Full Gallery here

A not very successful attempt at long exposure:

Blue Ridge Mountains

Some Panoramas )
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posted by [personal profile] csmcdonald at 10:28pm on 21/12/2009

Now the frost has bitten
the winter snow will creep
in the shadows of the forest
the wood god now must sleep
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posted by [personal profile] csmcdonald at 02:49pm on 13/12/2009
A friend from work is moving into the area so I took him for a drive into the mountains and around the area.

Some photos.

Trahlyta Falls, Vogel State Park

Blood Mountain

Lake Trahlyta, Vogel State Park

Dedicated Fisherman - it was 38 outside.
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posted by [personal profile] csmcdonald at 07:11pm on 27/11/2009
St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge & Historic Lighthouse:

Lighthouse & Keeper's Cottage

panorama )
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Today was supposed to be another rainy day so I wasn't planning on doing anything except go to the library to pick up some audio books for the drive down to Florida for Thanksgiving. Surprisingly the weatherman was wrong and it was a gorgeous sunny day so I took the bike instead.

Next to the library is the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame - it's a failed tourist attraction that was bought by the city when it failed as a private business. Admission is now free with a request for a donation, so I decided to stop by today and look at the cars.

NASCAR got its start in the area I live, with moonshiners souping up their cars to outrun the police way back during prohibition - they'd get together on Saturday nights to show off their customizations and stock car racing was born.

Bill Elliott who is apparently big in the NASCAR thing is from Dawsonville, so that's another tie to having this museum in town.

Anyways, some pics. Full Gallery

Bill Elliott's car he drove when he qualified for the first Winston Cup - a 1976 Ford Grand Torino:

More after the cut )
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posted by [personal profile] csmcdonald at 04:28pm on 21/11/2009
when geeks ride motorcycles:

What happens when geeks ride motorcycles. on Twitpic
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posted by [personal profile] csmcdonald at 11:00pm on 13/11/2009
I registered a new domain name today and put up the placeholder page.


Bikers For Global Warming - Ride 365!

(no I do not seriously endorse this, I just think it's a damned funny idea)